Visit our Factory Reps at the following Locations:

In the Jackson & Cape Girardeau, MO Area
Gary Seabaugh
Cell (573)579-1085
Office (573)243-2383

In the Potosi, Ironton and Fredericktown, MO Area
Dave Shy
Office (573)436-0476
Cell (573)210-0009

In the Oran, MO Area
call (573)262-8870


Workshop Office/Tooltime

Workshop Office &

Prices start as low as $158.10 a month!

The Workshop Office
comes standard with:
4- 3030 Atrium Insulated Windows
(12'x16' has 2 windows)
1- 9-Lite Walk Door
Standard Sizes Available:
12'x30', 12'x24', 12'x20'
& 12'x16'

The Workshop Tool-Time comes standard with:
2- 3030 Atrium Insulated Windows
1- 9-Lite Walk Door
1- 7'x6' Roll-up Door
Standard Sizes Available:
12'x30', 12'x24' & 12'x20'



4"x6" Skids are used for ground contact runner
(2 on 10' wide bldgs & 4 on 12' wide bldgs)
2"x4" treated floor joists on 16" centers
3/4" treated plywood floor decking
Air nailed with ring shank nails


Interior wall height is 7'9" on gable roof buildings
Interior (under loft) height is 6'3" on lofted barns
2"x4" studs on 24" centers
(every other stud is doubled) for maximum transport stability
2"x4" wall plates (top and bottom)
Treated T-111 siding (4'x8' panels)
Air nailed with ring shanks
All trim is full 1"x4" treated lumber (no splits)
corner trim and gable trim


Factory Engineered trusses made at the Factory Direct Plant
 (no nailing scrap lumber on angles)
Metal roofing uses horizontal 2"x4" nailers between trusses
spaced at intervals determined by size of building
 Overhang (all our buildings have an overhang which allows water and snow runoff to hit the ground, not the side of the building)
Vents are installed in the top of each building at the peak of the gable for maximun flow through ventilation

Windows and Doors:  

Atrium Insulated windows are used in every building we manufacture. We offer a standard house type entry door 36" wide with either a 9-Lite or a solid 6 panel design. The 9-Lite is standard on our cabins, workshops, and clubhouses, while the 6 panel solid door is standard on our other buildings.
We are a distributor for Janus International Overhead Doors and we offer these high quality metal roll-up doors in many sizes. These space saving overhead doors can be installed in all of our buildings.    


Factory Direct Portable Buildings

1543 State Highway 91
PO Box 160
Oran, MO 63771(573)262-8870
(800) 973-8870
FAX (573) 262-3163

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